e-Long Night Moon

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In New York City, at a time of great changes, a disillusioned young woman seeks escape from the broken civilization she has become trapped in. The untimely death of her estranged father casts doubt on everything she thought she knew about her family and a disquieting inheritance falls into her unsteady hands.

Puzzling discoveries are made at her ancestral home, ultimately leading her into an untamed wilderness seeking answers to her mounting questions. Once there, she is drawn toward an ancient Native American shrine where her arrival is eagerly awaited and all is not what it seems.

A trio of diverse companions make the trek at her side: James; a drug-addled New Yorker struggling to be reborn, Danielle; a free-spirited California girl whose love knows no bounds, and Kevin; a thick-skulled, thick-skinned good ol' boy from the hills of upstate New York. Though each of them joins the expedition for reasons of their own, it is not long before a greater purpose emerges.

It quickly becomes apparent that the power of choice is both a blessing and a curse as the supernatural journey of self-discovery takes a deadly turn. The adventurers are forced to evolve or die in a confrontation with an antediluvian terror, even as they strive to discover their roles in the continuing evolution of mankind and the uncertain future that lies ahead.

One thing alone is certain: the changes taking place within them have an external counterpart, and the world they left behind is not the world the survivors will return to.